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Jovil smc-1

Jovil Model SMC-1 Microprocessor Controlled Toroidal Winding Machine With RS 232 For Downloading From A PC. Machine Has 2" Flat Belt Head and Foot Control. $9500.00

Also Available Jovil 6" QA Head ($1250.00)  And Jovil MC Core Rotator ($500.00)

Also Available 150 Rolls Of Coil Winding Wire On 15 Wall Mount Racks ($2000.00)






Model BVM-D24E1WU with 41HD Single SDi Serial Input Adapter

28x Analog input expansion adapter - BKM 10R Master Control Unit

Unit Features:

  • Four Input Slots: Allows for flexible signal input capability.
  • Resolution: 24" 1000 TV Lines 16:9; 24" 1000 TV Lines 4:3.
  • SMPTE C Phosphors: Maintains precise color representation allowing for accurate color reproduction and easy monitor matching.
  • Systemization: Allows monitors to be tied together to transport files, input setups, and multiple control positions.
  • Supports DTV Formats of 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i.
  • High Resolution Trinitron(r) CRT System: Sony's exclusive HR Trinitron CRT system for a clear, sharp picture in 22.5" size (viewable area, measured diagonally).
  • Switchable Aspect Ratio: Switches between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.
  • Includes BKM 10R Control unit with cable and a 41 High Definition Card Serial Digital input.
  • Unit is in as new condition