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Jovil smc-1

Jovil Model SMC-1 Microprocessor Controlled Toroidal Winding Machine With RS 232 For Downloading From A PC. Machine Has 2" Flat Belt Head and Foot Control. $9500.00

Also Available Jovil 6" QA Head ($1250.00)  And Jovil MC Core Rotator ($500.00)

Also Available 150 Rolls Of Coil Winding Wire On 15 Wall Mount Racks ($2000.00)






Total Surplus

Total Surplus is a division of Asset Management & Control, Inc. Asset Management & Control, Inc. provides total client service from asset acquisition to ultimate disposition. Please visit us at our Website for a description of our services supported by our patented system.

 Because Asset Management & Control, Inc. disposes of all our clients high tech assets, Total Surplus, a division of Asset Management & Control, Inc. is the premier dealer of used audio visual, TV network, computers, computer room support equipment, lab equipment, test equipment, technology manufacturing equipment, machine tools, telephone equipment, etc.

 Because our objective is total client and customer satisfaction, equipment is sold guaranteed in good working order.

 If you need to contact us for more information on a specific product or service, you can E-mail us, or call us at (845) 691-7627.